Starting at 7:30 am on 20th Aug, all members of six teams gathered in the Maritime University Stadium to get ready for the interesting games.

Opening with the funny and exciting game - Jump rope, Shift C used all their strength and finesse to compete and become the winner after getting 52 round jumping. Football game took place exciting within 90 minutes, and Shift B already preserved the championship of 2015 after winning QC team by penalty turns. Carrying the water to the goal is said to attract almost members & most hilarious game. The final result, Shift A won the game with bring 71kg water to the goal. Swim Replay are expected with the performance of the best swimmer on the path of 50m / person. This year, once again WH Div. reaffirmed that, they are No. 1 for swimming.

"Grab a banana" was said to be the game bring a lot of fun & laughter, the athletes has performed before audiences of super comedy fall to bring bananas to the goal. With the ingenuity, agility and good balance, shift B got the first prize again with the result of 34 bananas to the goal.