Technology of synthetic resin production and resin colorant have been acknowledged worldwide. The rapid innovation and development of technology have brought major advances in plastics industry.

In recent years, the countries in Southeast Asia have won one important position in the world in the manufacture of electronics, automobiles, automatic equipments and have been becoming the largest customers for partners who trade materials  from resin.

To meet this demand, SIK Vietnam Co., Ltd. was founded in 2003 and this was recognized as one of projects of invested council which was operated by INABATA Corporation and technically  supported by  Sanyo Kako company.  Both companies were headquartered in Japan. SIK Vietnam played a part as the producer and processing color pellet company to meet the needs of customers in Vietnam and abroad.

Apart from SIK Vietnam, more branches have been established in the countries such as Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Mexico, Philippines, China, ... with the goal of boosting production and business activities, expanding and attracting more and more customers from traditional customers such as Canon, Brother, Kyocera, Fujxerox,  LG,.. to many other new ones.


 As a plant of SIK group, SIK-V is always striving for the group missions:

SSatisfying our clients

                             I Improve quality & resources

                                                                      KKeeping standard procedures


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