Color Matching



Color matching is one of the core business SIK-V are dealing with by generating the color formulas for the color concentrates and acts as a Technical Support Team for our clients. We aim to get the right color the first time but not compromising on our customers’ services.


Firstly, you as our clients start the process by providing us a sample of your desired color in several form, e.g. Final product, Paper, Paint, Pantone color number, SIK color chips etc.

Secondly, we will generate formulas and initial sample run is produced and compared to the sample on a visual and spectrophotometric basis.




Once a final color match is achieved, we will provide you with the sample chips and a sample bag of the achieved color. 

Our Color Matching Team is working with you, to produce the best price that meets your application’s requirements and ability to make your manufacturing process and end products a great success.