Da Nang company tour 2014


Two years ago, for many members in SIK Viet Nam, travelling to Da Nang city was a dream, and this year it has become true. The tour has lasted from 17th to 20th of Jul with safety and happiness.   

Experience with staying in a slow train at the start was not so bad because it was possible for us to understand wonderful feeling of high speed when we had a flight to home on the plane! Many people said that this was a very good experience because we could go by both train and plane, besides we had a chance to go to so much "livable" place with beautiful sceneries, beautiful beaches, friendly and harmonious people… All of these attracted more and more tourists to Da Nang. It have been so lucky for SIK Viet Nam family to have a chance to Da Nang, to go sightseeing in those days.   

Thanks to Vietravel agency – the companion with SIK Viet Nam  during the tour this year!