Just like every year, this year's sports festival consists of 4 competitions. Although it rains heavily in a short time, the atmosphere of the festival is always hot and lively.



In response to the month of workers, on May 5th , Hai Phong Trade Union organized a worker festival day with many meaningful activities: blood donation, walking, painting, flower arrangement ...


From 22nd – 24th March, the company organized a 3-days and 2-nights trip to the beautiful city of Da Nang.

Although coming for the 2nd time, it will still be a new feeling for the members who participated in the Da Nang Tour in 2014, because of the difference in the professional organization of Saigon tourism company


The year of 2018 closed, in order to tribute to the contribution of all employees, the Company held a year-end party with many interesting cultural shows and valuable gifts given in the lucky draw.