The year of 2018 closed, in order to tribute to the contribution of all employees, the Company held a year-end party with many interesting cultural shows and valuable gifts given in the lucky draw.


On October 13th, the company was happy to celebrating the sport-day 2018, Experiencing the drama, fun on the spirit of solidarity :Football, Step Solidarity, Team Tank,Swimming.


In the company's tradition, charitable activities will take place annually to make a small contribution to difficult social situations.

This year, our company has selected two places to do charity such as Hoa Phuong orphanage and Thien Giao youth.


On the occasion of 15th year anniversary our company, we organize the company tour in beautiful island Phu Quoc from 15th Mar to 17th Mar. We visited many sight-seeing at island as : Ho Quoc pagoda, Pearl culture establishment, Fish sauce production base, Peper garden, night- market...